About Us

Our Mission

At NatEv, our mission is to inspire a profound reconnection with the healing powers of nature through our meticulously crafted, all-natural essential oil-based bath, skincare, and healing products. We are committed to offering a sanctuary of self-care that empowers individuals to embrace their well-being, cultivating a deeper understanding of their bodies and spirits. Through our products, we aim to bring back the ancient wisdom of herbal remedies and elevate the skincare experience to a holistic journey of transformation and renewal.

Our Vision

At NatEv, our vision is clear: we aim to lead a skincare renaissance, guiding our customers back to the origins of ancient practices. In a world saturated with synthetic chemicals and harmful practices, NatEv emerges as a beacon of purity and authenticity. We embrace the heritage of herbal remedies and ancient healing traditions, rekindling a connection with what nature offers us abundantly.

Our Story

Welcome to NatEv, where the pure essence of nature meets the art of self-care. Our journey began with a young dreamer, Kamea, at the tender age of 10, driven by a passion for crafting and a deep connection to the healing powers of nature. Inspired by her artist mother and fueled by a desire to create something truly special, Kamea embarked on a remarkable adventure that would lead to the birth of NatEv.

Kamea's story is one of determination and ingenuity. As a child, she accompanied her mother to art markets, soaking in the vibrant energy and entrepreneurial spirit. With each market, her longing to contribute her own creations grew stronger. She started small, clearing out her closet and selling her belongings, but that was just the beginning. Kamea yearned to craft something that would not only be a testament to her creativity but would also serve as a vehicle for healing and self-care.

The journey was not without its challenges. Kamea's desire to make soaps and candles was met with apprehension, as her mom foresaw the potential destruction they might cause on her cookware. After a series of negotiations, they found common ground in the form of bath bombs, igniting Kamea's journey towards her vision. With unwavering determination, she poured her heart and soul into refining her craft, culminating in a 6th-grade science project that explored the magical world of essential oils and their potential.

"Kamea's Korner" was born, nestled within her mother's art booth. As the years passed, Kamea's devotion to her craft deepened. The vision evolved, and with a summer dedicated to rebranding and repackaging, "NatEv" emerged—a brand steeped in nature's wisdom, with a focus on herbal remedies and the transformative power of essential oils.

NatEv has blossomed into a haven of self-care, offering a diverse range of 47 unique products and over 200 enchanting scents. Our commitment to returning to the roots of skincare, harkening back to the ancient wisdom of herbal remedies, drives us to create products that celebrate the essence of nature. We stand firm against the toxic chemicals and harmful practices that have crept into the modern skincare industry, offering an alternative that reconnects us to the healing embrace of the natural world.

At NatEv, we believe that self-care is a sacred ritual—a moment to pause, breathe, and reconnect with oneself. Our products are meticulously crafted, each one a testament to our dedication to purity, quality, and your well-being. Whether you're indulging in a relaxing bath adorned with our handcrafted bath bombs or welcoming the soothing embrace of our essential oil blends, you're embarking on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Join us on this incredible odyssey as we weave together the threads of nature, artistry, and healing. NatEv is more than a brand; it's a reflection of Kamea's dream, her mother's artistry, and the essence of centuries-old wisdom. Experience the transformative magic of NatEv and rediscover the purity of nature's embrace.

Nurture your essence, naturally, with NatEv.